17 Smart Ways 💡 to save Money 💸 for Your Next Big 👐🏼 Vacation ✈️ ...


I didn't realize what a luxury vacations are until I became an adult.

As a kid, I took it for granted that my parents and I would spend a week somewhere fun every single summer.

Heather and I have taken maybe three vacations in ten years together, plus our honeymoon.


Because we rarely have the money to go where we want to go.

That's lame, right?

But vacations are a luxury.

The thing is, though, everyone needs time off.

Seriously, for your mental health, you need to take time off work.

So if you, too, have trouble saving for vacations, try these tips.

Trust me.

1. Put Your Cash in a Jar

Put Your Cash in a Jar

I know this sounds silly, but it works.

Heather and I have an Adventure Jar right now.2

In addition to adding loose cash and spare change, we also put in money when we argue or get bitchy with each other.

Which we're doing way less since we now have to pay penalties.

2. Shop with a List Only

Shop with a List Only

This one probably just sounds self-explanatory, but it also works.

Compare how much you spend when you shop without a list versus shopping with one, and you'll see how much extra money you spend on crap you don't really need.

3. Put Your Cards Away and Use Only Cash

Put Your Cards Away and Use Only Cash

If you don't have easy access to money, you're more aware of what you have and where it's going.

That's always helpful.

4. Carpool to Work

Carpool to Work

You gotta save where you can, right?

Carpooling with colleagues is a great way to save gas, plus it's nice to give your car a rest.

5. Hustle at a Side Job

Hustle at a Side Job

Get something part-time or simply monetize a hobby.

6. Facebook Yard Sale Sites

Facebook Yard Sale Sites

These are great.

You can sell off old clothes, furniture you no longer use, and all the clutter you clean out of your closets.

You might not make a fortune, but you can certainly add to your vacation fund.

Be Flexible on Flights
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