Signs You Need a Vacation ...


There’s a difference between wanting a vacation and needing a vacation.

All of us probably wish we had more vacation time and opportunities to get away from it all.

But then there are times when only a vacation can fix us.

If you’re seeing these signs, take heed.

Vacation is calling.

1. You Can’t Remember Your Last Vacation

You Can’t Remember Your Last Vacation

If your passport has been sitting around gathering dust, then there is really no better time to reignite your love for travel.

2. You’re Feeling Stuck

You’re Feeling Stuck

Nothing gets read of the feeling of being stuck like a week or two of pure escapism in a beautiful country and climate that is so different to your own.

3. A Breakup

A Breakup

There is nothing better to help you get over a sad breakup than getting away from your familiar surroundings and heading to the sun, sand and sea.

4. You’re Forcing Your Smile

You’re Forcing Your Smile

If you have got in to the routine of just ‘acting happy’ rather than really being happy, it might be time to jet off somewhere and recharge your batteries.2

5. You’re Stressed

You’re Stressed

If work is starting to get on top you, it’s time to press the reset button and spend a week or so away from all the things that are causing you stress.

6. You’ve Forgotten Fun

You’ve Forgotten Fun

A hard work routine can often leave you forgetting how to actually have some fun.

Snap out of the routine and prepare for a few days of nothing but relaxation with friends or family.2

7. You Don’t Get Enough Sun

You Don’t Get Enough Sun

Especially in the winter months, you can end up going to work in the dark and leaving work in the dark.

Treat your skin to some sun and the rays will reinvigorate you.

8. You’re Craving Adventure

You’re Craving Adventure

If you have an adventurous spirit and are starting to get itchy feet, then nothing cures like a last minute vacation.

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