8 Ridiculously Expensive Adventure Vacations ...


Adventure vacations are something we might only dream of.

Sometimes it’s a little bit fun, as well as masochistic, to have a look up ridiculously expensive adventure vacations without any intention of going on one.

It’s a bit like window shopping in the most expensive designer clothes stores – enjoying the prospects of something only the crazily rich can afford but still being able to have a look in entirely for free.2

Take a look at these 8 Ridiculously Expensive Adventure Vacations and enjoy fantasizing about going on trips you only see in the movies…

1. Everest Skydive

The most expensive and adrenaline-fuelled skydive available is the Everest Skydive.

You jump out of an airplane over the world’s most iconic peak and soak up spectacular views over the snowy mountainous landscape during freefall.

This skydive adventure would be an exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The South Pole
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