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Hello lovelies!

I am currently on exchange in Canada and it is by far one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, and I am certain that it will be a landmark on memory lane.

So, how does an exchange work?

Well, you go to another country's institution for a pre-determined period of time to study, and somebody from that country goes to your home country to do the same - usually at your institution.

But an exchange is so much more!

Read on to find out why.

1. New People, New Friends

Being on an exchange program introduces you to numerous new faces.2

This includes people from the host country and exchange students from other countries.

You develop so many new friendships and relationships, which are very unique and special because everyone is aware that the duration of the exchange is probably the only time they have together - so everyone is looking to make the most out of these rapports.

2. New Cultures

You get to learn about the host country's culture as well as about other cultures, depending on where your exchange buddies are from.

It is extremely exciting and interesting to discuss different cultures because it broadens your perspective and increases your knowledge.

Also, you would be surprised at the sort of similarities and differences you might come across between your culture and another!2

3. Reflect on Your Own Culture

Discussing and learning about other cultures makes you think about your own culture - more often than not, we blindly practice our 'culture' without ever really knowing why.

When people from different countries ask you questions about your culture, stereotypical things they've seen in movies or heard about, you need to answer appropriately, because in that moment, and for every moment of your exchange, you are an ambassador of your country.

Plus, if you say you practice a certain culture, you should be aware of the reasons behind it and the methods for it.

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