7 Reasonable Reasons Not to Go on Vacation ...


I could find all kinds of reasons not to go on vacation.

I enjoy visiting different places, but I really don't care for the travelling involved in getting there!

Besides, you spend all that money on something that's over in a week or two.

Perhaps you also wonder why you bothered, post-vacation.

Here are some humorous reasons not to go on vacation …

1. You Find Tourists Annoying

Of all the reasons not to go on vacation, this must be the top one.

Tourists are annoying.

Anyone who lives in a city popular with visitors will understand this.2

But wait … if you travel anywhere, you're a tourist as well!

So if tourists get on your nerves, then it's only fair not to be one yourself.

Besides, as much as you may want to see the paintings at the Louvre or take photos in Times Square, do you really want to be fighting for space with thousands of people doing the same thing?

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