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If you have a favorite scary movie, what better fun could it be than to get together with your squad, dress up in great costumes πŸ‘» and head out on a road trip to where it was filmed or a place it was based on.

⚰ Pack some spooky snacks, πŸŽƒHalloween punch (alcohol-free for the driver, naturally) and get ready to relive some scary moments. πŸ’€

1. Seneca State Park, Maryland – the Blair Witch Project

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If you fancy having your own horrifying adventure and weaving some scary stick figures of your own, then the Seneca State Park in Maryland was the terrifying location of the original Blair Witch Project.

2. Blairstown, New Jersey – Friday the 13th

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Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in New Jersey has the fortunate (or unfortunate?) claim to fame of being the location for the filming of Friday The 13th.

You can visit the Camp Crystal Bay (aka Camp Blood) and take in the creepy atmosphere for yourself!

3. Kingsland, Texas – the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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The filmmakers went method here and stuck to Texas for this iconic horror movie, and the once terrifying house can now be visited as the Grand Central CafΓ© that will provide you satisfaction rather than terror!

4. Evans City, Pennsylvania – Night of the Living Dead

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The Evans City cemetery was used in the filming of Night of The Living Dead, and horror buffs can enjoy a (hopefully!) danger free stroll through the location to soak up some movie memories.2

5. Hollywood, California – Nightmare on Elm Street

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Fully restored so it is looks exactly as it did in the movie, Nancy’s House will rekindle those sleepless nights you had thanks to the nightmares.

You’ll find it in a little street off Sunset Boulevard.

6. Berkshire, England – the Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Not all our fave Halloween movies are super scary – some are huge fun.

Oakley Court in Berkshire was used as the creepy but cool home of Frank N Furter and his group of transsexual transvestites from Transylvania.

You can actually book weddings there now!

St. Helens, Oregon – Halloweentown
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