8 Places to Explore in Africa ...


Places in Africa range from the southerly tip of the Cape of Good Hope to the northerly point in Morocco where the continent is separated by Europe by a mere eleven miles, from the desert mountains of Somalia in the east to Senegalโ€™s capital, Dakar, in the west. Places in Africa might be in the heart of what is known as the Dark Continent, or the mysterious island of Madagascar. Places in Africa might be oil rich Saudi Arabia or Nigeria or they might be in the sand washed plains of the huge Sahara Desert. Africa is an amazing continent with the most extreme extremes โ€“ wealth from oil, gold and diamonds to abject poverty, drought and famine. Each country has a singular identity and offer amazing experiences. Here are just 8 Places in Africa to Explore.

1. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

3 million years ago, a massive volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself forming the largest, unflooded, unbroken caldera in the world.

It measures roughly 12 miles across and 2000 feet deep.

Fossil evidence has shown that humans have lived in the area since 3 million years ago but, remarkably the first recorded European visit was in 1892.

Part of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro is just one of the places in Africa to see amazing wildlife.

Book a safari and see rhino, hippo, lions, antelope, elephants and giraffe.

2. Fish River Canyon, Namibia

There are some amazing places in Africa of breathtaking geography.

The Fish River Canyon in Namibia is second only to the Grand Canyon in terms of astonishing size and grandeur.

The ravine runs for 99 miles and its width ranges from just 2000 feet in some places to 17 miles in others.

The canyon floor is home to the Fish River which supports wildlife such as mountain zebra, wild horses and kudu, a kind of antelope.

Thereโ€™s also more than 60 different bird species.

Abu Simbel, Egypt
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