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If you love to travel, you probably know that one of the little frustrations is trying to find words for how your experiences around the world make you feel.

There are tons of words to describe scenery but there are very few single words in English that really captures certain feelings and emotional responses.

Look to other languages though and there’s a whole lexicon of fabulous sounding words with meanings that say it all.

1. Sturmfrei – German Origin

This is an adjective that describes the feeling of freedom that comes from being alone and having the ability to be able to go anywhere that you want to without having to compromise.

2. Numinous – Latin Origin

You come across many special sights when you travel, and this is the word to use when you are both fearful but in awe of what lays before you.

3. Resfeber – Swedish Origin

This great word refers to that special feeling of excitement mixed with fear that every person gets when they are about to embark on a new amazing adventure.

4. Fernweh – German Origin

You have heard of wanderlust, right?

Well fernweh is a German term that takes that feeling of farsickness even further.

It’s an even bigger desire to travel as far as possible.2

5. Livsnjutare – Swedish Origin

You can use this word to describe a person who loves life in a really deep way and way takes pleasure in living it to the absolute extreme.

6. DΓ©rive – French Origin

This is a word that can be used for the type of traveller that likes to move around the world in a completely unplanned fashion, letting the power of the scenery guide them instead.

7. Schwellenangst – German Origin

This is a fear of crossing a threshold and taking the plunge before embarking on something new;

a feeling many travellers will be familiar with.2

Strikhedonia – Greek Origin
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