7 of the World's Creepiest Attractions ...


If you like the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on end, or your skin to have that slightly crawling feeling, you’ll undoubtedly be titillated by the world’s creepiest attractions.

These aren’t haunted places, or places of paranormal activity: they are places that for a variety of reasons “creep you out”.

They have a distinct, even if it’s intangible, atmosphere that makes you shudder and maybe makes you want to turn around and leave, but a kind of macabre fascination holds you there.

If that sounds like the sort of thing that interests you on your travels, here are some of the creepiest attractions around the world to put on your sightseeing list.

1. Most Morbid Market – Akodessewa Fetish Market (Lome, Togo)

Most Morbid Market – Akodessewa Fetish Market (Lome, Togo)

Looking for a good mummified bat for your dashboard, an elephant foot for your mantlepiece or a monkey skull for your black magic ritual?2

Well, look no further than Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo, the market favored by West African voodoo practitioners.

A far cry from any other market in the world, this creepiest of creepiest attractions includes categorized animal parts in all states of decomposition.

The sight and stench of the stalls is one of a kind, and you can even cross “attending a traditional voodoo ceremony” off your bucket list, as there are plenty on offer.

2. Most Chilling Church – Chapel of Bones (Evora, Portugal)

Most Chilling Church – Chapel of Bones (Evora, Portugal)

Creep inside the Church of São Francisco, and a chill will certainly run up and down your spine.2

As one of the world’s creepiest attractions, the Capela dos Ossos is walled and columned with bones from over 5,000 exhumed skeletons.

Arches created from ribs and tibias, skulls and vertebrae forming artistic designs;

this chapel is no place for those who fear the great beyond.

Each bone is meticulously placed by the artists, 16th century Franciscan monks, and the entrance warns those who dare to cross the threshold that your bones will be next: “We bones, lying here, for yours we wait.”

Most Unamusing Amusement Park – Chernobyl Amusement Park (Pripyat, Ukraine)
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