7 of the Most Amazing Wildlife Encounters ...


Whether choosing a single excursion or a full on animal themed vacation, there are some very remarkable wildlife encounters that are the experience of a lifetime. There is always something more special about seeing incredible creatures in their natural habitat, even though we have to admit zoos and safari parks have improved so dramatically. And the great thing about these wildlife encounters is there is the frisson of danger which makes them all the more thrilling.

1. Viewing Gorillas in Central Africa

Viewing Gorillas in Central Africa

Gorillas are beautiful creatures and are now at risk of extinction. The remaining 600 or so are mainly living in forests in Rwanda and Uganda in central Africa. With a guided tour and experienced guide, it is possible to visit the forests and see the gorillas in the flesh. Imagine watching the large Silverback eat and viewing others on a mountain trek. You may not be as lucky as the tourist in 2011 who was groomed by one, but the sights you see will stay with you for a long time and when it comes to wildlife encounters, this will be hard to beat.

See North American Bears Hunting for Salmon
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