7 New England Beaches I Love ...

New England Beach spots are some of the best spots out there.

As ya'll know, I live in New England and I have to say, there are truly some incredible New England beach spots that most people would just overlook.

I was born and raised in Michigan and all we had were lake spots, so to be in a place that has real ocean beaches, it truly is incredible and below, I am going to detail out the top 7 New England beach spots that I absolutely love!

1. Nahant Beach

Nahant Beach

Nahant is a great little town in Massachusetts and by far, it has the best beach out there.

This is honestly one of the ones that I go to (and not because it is just 20 minutes from my house either), it is clean, it is easy to get to and the parking is awesome.

There are tons of #things that I look for in a beach and the parking is one of them.

This beach is $3.00 per car to park – beat that parking charge!

Also, the parking lot is long because the beach is long – so no matter where you park, you'll be able to easily get on the beach without having to trudge through the sand dunes!