4. Itโ€™s All in the Name at the Good Hotel, San Francisco, USA

Built in 1911 shortly after the great earthquake, this hotel has a history, but thatโ€™s not what makes it interesting. Itโ€™s a model of the sustainable lifestyle. Their mantra, โ€œRenew, Reuse, Relax,โ€ is illustrated throughout the hotel - each unique room is furnished with items made from reclaimed and recycled materials, right down to the bedding thatโ€™s made of 75% recycled soda bottles. Recycle bins are easy to find, and even the toilets are fitted with โ€œSink Positiveโ€ lids. They offer complimentary bikes for getting around the city, a plus because itโ€™s located in the trendy SoMa area.