For the Best Vacay πŸ– of Your Life 😁 Book One of These Awesome πŸ‘πŸΌ Bargain Hotels under $100 πŸ’° ...

Your travel budget can take you further if you can get a cheap flight and save money on accommodation. The key really is getting a cheap flight because there are some fabulous hotels under $100 all around the world, and in places that are affordable once you get there. Trust me: in some of these places you can get a good meal for $2.00.

1. Art for Art’s Sake at the Brody House in Budapest, Hungary

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On the top of the list of affordable hotels is this winner of the Best Budget Hotel Award of 2013. Rooms start at under $100, depending on which of the 11 unique bedrooms you choose. Each bedroom is named after and adorned with the work of Brody House artists who may have even used the room as a studio at one time. The common areas feature high ceilings with loads of natural light and, of course, unique artwork and dΓ©cor.

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