15. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

The trendy and eclectically vibrant capital of Hungary, Budapest is truly a one of a kind mother daughter destination. Affectionately called the Paris of the East, Budapest is famous for its history, sensational musical offerings and its energetic nightlife.

Travel through Budapest in the spring time by bicycle, experience the thermal baths, visit the Royal Palace and the Hunyadi Garden, go caving, feast on Gundel palacsinta, pΓΆrkΓΆlt and Dobos torta, and chill out after a hard day of shopping with a nice glass of wine at a local borozΓ³ or wine bar.

Budapest is a very classy, cultural city, so it makes sense to stay in a hotel like the Prestige that is a renovated historic building right in the centre of the city. You can literally feel the history!

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