7 More Haunted Locations in Canada ...

Because we just can't get enough of those fantastic haunted locations in Canada, we are back with a second installment for your reading pleasure! Seriously, who can resist a walk down spooky memory lane in a beautiful land that is steeped in such rich and diverse history? Nearly everywhere we look in Canada reveals a stony structure with n storied past and ghostly active present. And who doesn't love a spooky tale?! Take a moment to enjoy a tale or two about haunted locations in Canada!

1. Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia

The Fairmont Empress Hotel was built over a four-year time span, from 1904 to 1908, in Victoria, British Columbia. And we can see why; this grand hotel is just beautiful, just look at it. Those ivy covered walls and pitched rooftops project opulence and grandeur. Aside from its beauty, the Empress is reported to be loaded with ghostly activities, such as apparitions and disembodied sounds. Visitors report seeing the ghosts of old men in hats roam the halls, men hanging by their necks, and that of an elderly women looking for her room. Legend states that the elderly woman roams the halls knocking on doors looking for her room before vanishing at the elevators. Others have also reported seeing an apparition of the building's architect, Francis Rattenbury, roam the halls. Sightings of his ghost are especially sad. You see, Francis died in England, murdered by his wife's lover. It is likely that Francis' apparition is a residual haunting of his happier times. With so much beauty and activity there is no wonder why the Fairmont Empress Hotel is one of the haunted locations in Canada not to be missed.