7 Ideal Destinations for the Solo Traveler ...


Solo travel is great and can be far more rewarding than traveling with other people.2

You can decide exactly what you want to do each day, and change your mind as often as you like.

Other reasons people choose solo travel is to develop their self-confidence and to meet interesting people, but if you still aren’t sure, check out places that have lots to do and are safe.

Here’s 7 Ideal Destinations for the Solo Traveler make solo travel so easy, you’ll be converted forever.

1. Australia


Australia has a culture that embraces travel and a big part of that culture is solo travel.

For a big country, Australia is easy to get around with great infrastructure that includes cheap internal flights.2

There’s a real sense of independence everywhere in Australia.

The cities are safe and there’s loads to do, especially in Sydney.2

You can climb the bridge, take a ferry boat across the harbour, tour the opera house or just chill out on Bondi Beach.

2. Ireland


Ireland’s appeal for solo travelers is the friendliness of the locals and you don’t ever need to feel alone if you don’t want to.

There are countryside attractions such as lakes and mountains as well as the city sights of Dublin, all of which can be rounded off by joining the locals in a sing song and a pint of the black stuff in one of the many pubs.2

3. Iceland


Iceland is great;

it has a cool culture and stunning landscapes which are fascinating to explore, and exploring is easy to do safely as a single traveler.

Try out the geothermal bath with natural hot water in the middle of the snow and try to schedule your visit to coincide with the northern lights for a truly unique experience.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is great for the adventurous solo traveler.2

There are volcanoes to climb, rain forest to explore and some of the most beautiful beaches on earth.2

You can try out rafting or kayaking on the some of the wild rivers, take a zip line ride through the canopy of the jungle and surf, snorkel and scuba off the coast.

If you like an adrenalin hit and have got the time, head to Costa Rica, it really is the perfect place to try the advantages of solo travel for the very first time.

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