7 Hotel Room Checks to Make before You Flop into Bed ...


No matter what standard or star rating you’ve booked into, there are some hotel room checks to make when you first enter.

You’ve endured a long flight, the transfer from the airport took ages, and your comfortable shoes are starting to pinch.

All you want is a warm shower or to flop into bed.

No matter how jaded you’re feeling, spend a few minutes carrying out some simple hotel room checks for your sanity and safety.

If you find anything wrong, it is so much easier to ask for a new room before you’ve unpacked and settled in.

1. Check Your Climate Control

There’s nothing worse than staying in a hotel room and realising in the middle of the night that the heating or the air-conditioning isn’t working properly.

You should consequently put checking the climate control at the very top of your list of hotel room checks to make.

This way if you do find an issue you have time to have it fixed, or if worse comes to worst, request a different room, rather than suffering through your stay.

2. Examine Your Room for Bedbugs!

On the list of things you should check your hotel room for, bedbugs are every seasoned traveler’s worst nightmare, and can be found in even the most expensive accommodation.

These blood sucking parasites may not be life threatening, however they can certainly cause a great deal of discomfort in the form of itchy red bites and nasty allergic reactions.2

If you notice any small blood spots on your mattress or bedding, or find any live bugs, shed bedbug skins or eggs, you certainly don’t want to spend the night at your chosen hotel!

3. Check the Alarm Clock in Your Room

Another of the hotel room checks is seeing if the alarm has been set by the previous occupant.2

Being woken up at 5am whilst you’re on holiday is utterly inhumane.

Many hotels also have extremely user-unfriendly alarm clocks, so examining the clock as soon as you check into your room gives you plenty of time to call reception and ask them for help if you can’t get it figured out.

Ensure Everything is Sanitary
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