7 Hints and Tips for Nervous Flyers ...

If you’re one of those that look forward to getting on an airplane not with excitement but trepidation, I hope these tips for nervous flyers will help you out. It’s common for people on their first flight to have butterflies, but if you are plagued with nerves every time, it means you can’t focus on enjoying the flight or even just passing the time in the best manner so it passes as quickly as possible. Here are the best tips for nervous flyers I know.

1. Keep Yourself Occupied

One of the most effective tips for nervous flyers is to prepare yourself to be distracted as much as possible. What it means is that you should have a 'panic plan' developed even before you board the plane. You should know exactly what you're going to do once you're on the flight. You may watch a DVD, do puzzles, bury your head in your favorite mag or listen to music. It is also a good idea to have a combination of things at hand to keep you engaged and entertained throughout your trip.