10 Great Travel DIY Projects ...


Travel DIY Projects range from organizers to things that will keep your travelmate occupied.

And you, sane.

Before you head out to your next trip, take a look at these travel craft projects.

You might just find something from this list of travel DIY ideas that will save you a lot of money and make your trip run smoother.

1. Tech Organizer

Tech Organizer

I don't know about you but wires often get tangled up in my bag whenever I travel.

Another annoying thing is finding my phone charger in the huge mess that is my weekender.

Before my next trip, I'll try to make something similar to this travel DIY project.

Isn't it awesome?

Plus, you know, I love books so this is a must-do for me.

2. Art Kit

Art Kit

This particular travel DIY idea is perfect for those who like to get some drawing time while on the go.

It doesn't make sense to bring a set of watercolors that is bigger than an A3 sketchpad.

For ease of travel, you will want to make a portable kit.

Check out the tutorial now.

3. Pocket + Hanger

Pocket + Hanger

Let's say you were invited to a wedding and you need to keep your dress wrinkle-free.

Yes, you can use a hotel hanger to hang your dress but why don't you make your own that comes with an extra pocket.

Who can possibly say no to extra storage?

4. Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit


I am a cat person and I'm just head over heels in love with this sewing kit.

The way the scissors are stored is all sorts of clever, too.2

Check out the tutorial and make your own sewing travel kit now.

5. Drawing Kit

If the portable watercolor kit above is for an artsy adult, this particular travel DIY project is for a road trip companion who has a short attention span.2

If you don't want the kids to ask you "Are we there yet?" every 5 minutes, making this drawing kit is a must.

Travel Tote
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