9 Gorgeous Swimming Holes around the World ...


Swimming holes always make me think of my childhood;

warm, sunny days, feeling free and abandoned and jumping into clear fresh water.

In natural swimming holes there’s no nasty taste of salt, no added chlorine - just crystal-clear freshwater that tastes like your favorite bottled water.

Of course, there are also some gorgeous swimming holes that contain sea water and these can be just as fabulous as natural freshwater pools.

Check the following list of 9 gorgeous swimming holes and find out if there is one somewhere within your reach.

1. Ginnie Springs, Florida

Ginnie Springs, Florida

Allegedly, Jacques Cousteau described the water of the Ginnie Springs as the clearest in the world.

This stunning place is one of the most beautiful natural freshwater pools found in Florida.

Seven amazing springs are located in the town of High Spring, along the Santa Fe River.

If swimming is not enough for you, there are a number of other activities offered, like snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving and tubing.

2. Zacaton Cenote, Mexico

Zacaton Cenote, Mexico

It is not quite clear if this magnificent sinkhole is accessible to us ordinary mortals, but we are allowed to dream of it, and divers have certainly made their way there.

Zacaton Cenote is considered the world’s deepest water-filled sinkhole.

The incredible 1.112 feet depth had to be measured by NASA.2

3. Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

The 663 foot deep, 30 foot wide Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest seawater swimming hole in the world.

It is found on Long Island in the Bahamas, in a bay not far from Clarence Town.

It was created when melting waters after the ice age filled a cave.

Free divers simply love this place - the world record in free diving was set right here.

4. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If you find yourself in Iceland and discover that climate is a bit too cold for your taste, there is a way to warm yourself up.

Indulge and relax in the pleasantly warm geothermal springs of the Iceland’s beautiful Blue Lagoon.

The water contains lovely, rejuvenating minerals, some reputedly able to soothe skin ailments.

Yangbajain Hot Springs, Tibet
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