4. The Weather

Check out the weather of your port of call or holiday destination before you think about booking. You may want to head out to Australia or Asia, but certain times of year the humidity and heat can be very uncomfortable – which can seriously ruin your vacation if you don’t fare very well in that kind of climate.

Also, the countryside might sound appealing until you arrive without checking the weather and realize that it rains all day and all night – in a torrential kind of way – for the entire time while you are visiting. This means your romantic idea of walks in the meadows was scratched right off the top of your list immediately, and making endless cups of tea and moaning how wet it is outside is all you remember from your country escape.

Skiing holidays could also be cut short by adverse weather conditions, avalanches, and blizzards as well as other vacation weather delights. Check up beforehand with your ski resort about what to expect and always follow their advice when they issue warnings about frolicking around in the snow.