7 Ghost Towns to Visit on a Route 66 Road Trip ...


Route 66 ghost towns are just another reason to take one of the world’s greatest road trips.

There are many fascinating and intriguing sights to see along this iconic road but if you want a themed trip, the Route 66 ghost towns are a great option.

1. Glenrio, Texas

Glenrio, Texas

Along the border between New Mexico and Texas is the forgotten town of Glenrio that actually serves as a monument to the boom cycle of Route 66.

It's a must-visit ghost town for anyone interested in learning more about the history of Texas.

You will be amazed to see how advanced the things were in this town before cars had air conditioning – there were bars, diners, western-themed motels, and gas stations, making Glenrio a flash of neon in the desert.

In this town of 84 people, you shouldn't expect several tourist facilities, but it is definitely worth a shot to see how the new Interstate travelers have ditched it and turned it into one of many Route 66 ghost towns.

Don't forget to check the ruins of an old Endee Motor Court – you might find one of many stories locked away behind those doors.

2. Newkirk, New Mexico

Newkirk, New Mexico

Despite the fact that a handful of people still live there, Newkirk, New Mexico can always qualify for one of the best ghost towns along route 66.

It is definitely a bit of an enigma, but thanks to some of the old and abandoned stores and gas stations, a visit to this railroad town-turned-service center will definitely prove to be an interesting outing.

3. Dilia, New Mexico

Dilia, New Mexico

The town of Dilia did very well to survive the 1937 alignment of Route 66, but it is definitely a good choice for someone interested in visiting the best ghost towns along Route 66, mainly because less than 600 people live there.

Ok – so not so much a ghost town, but an almost-ghost town, and the old, deserted buildings will give you a creepy feeling that you experience after watching a horror flick.

While you will have a few old adobes and red stone buildings to explore, don't forget to drop a visit to the thick-walled Sacred Heart Church to see Stations of the Cross and a beautiful altar screen.

Afton, Oklahoma
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