8 Fun Facts about Massachusetts You Don't Know ...


Oh MA, it's one of those states that a lot of misconceptions come out of and truthfully, there are probably a lot of fun facts about Massachusetts that you don't even know about!

Massachusetts is not always about history, in fact, it is a fun state that is filled with fun facts!

If you've never been to Boston, never toured the North Shore and never dipped down to the Cape, you've got to take a look at my top 8 fun facts about Massachusetts that you might not be aware of!2

1. Boston Cream Pie

One of the best fun facts about Massachusetts revolves around a little, tiny pie – that is really a cake.

This dessert is truly Boston (hence the name!) and it was created here.

The very first Boston Cream Pie was created at the Parker House Hotel in 1856 (old, right?).

It's still delicious and it's the official dessert of Massachusetts.

2. First Sewing Machine

If you've ever used a sewing machine or ever gotten anything sewn, you can thank Massachusetts for it!

The very first sewing machine scaled for at-home use were created here.

There were sewing machines created for company purposes, but Elias Howe is the inventor that decided to scale it to work in the home.

3. First Public Beach

Ah, I bet that you didn't know that the very first public beach was stationed in Massachusetts, did you?

Revere Beach has been around forever (actually, it was established in 1896) and it is still a fantastic beach to go to.

I actually live and work right by Revere Beach, so this is totally my premier beach that I head to when the temperatures are too hot!

4. One of the First Computers Invented

All right, so there is a ton of controversy as to who invented the first computer and where exactly it came from, but one of the first computers invented happened right at MIT.

It was in 1964 and it was a system called Multics.

It was a time sharing, multi-user system.

So much different than what we use right now!

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