9 Foodie Places You Need to Visit before You Go on a Diet ...


What’s the best treat you can have before you embark on a diet?

A visit to a fabulous foodie destination sounds good – yes?

You might as well treat yourself and give yourself motivation for the upcoming deprivation.

So where should you consider going?

1. Try Dim Sum Vancouver Style, Canada

Try Dim Sum Vancouver Style, Canada

Vancouver boasts a large Chinese community, so it's quite easy to find delicious dim sum that are authentic, made either with fish or meat fillings and seasoned to perfection.

The Canadian city is also among the great foodie destinations for gourmets on a budget.

Throughout Vancouver you'll find up-and-coming restaurants and snack shacks that don't charge the earth for a decent meal.

Try 41st Avenue and Victoria if you're looking for value- for-money dim sum.

2. Enjoy Guinness and Oysters in Galway, Ireland

Enjoy Guinness and Oysters in Galway, Ireland

Galway may not immediately spring to mind as one of the world's greatest foodie destinations, but western Ireland is a must-eat-out destination for anyone who loves high quality oysters, freshly baked brown bread and a pint of Guinness.

This is earthy stuff and locals are rightly proud of their Galway Bay oysters, brew and bread.

The outdoor Galway Market is a great place where foodies on a budget can munch their way from stall to stall, nibbling fresh fruit, slices of cheese or tasting homemade jams straight from the jar.

3. Sing the Calorie Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Sing the Calorie Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans can look back on a long and rich food history that embraces a hotchpotch of cultures and takes only the very best from each.

This foodie destination is not for faint-of-heart rabbits though.

Don't expect celery stick, carrot and lettuce to greet your hungry eyes when you dine out.2

Creole cuisine is for passionate full-blooded foodies who won't shy away from deep-fried offerings.

Tap your toes to cool Jazz while wolfing down a mountain of spicy crawfish, corn and potatoes.

And if you really want to "get" the blues, order the southern version of a snow cone, which involves a bucket of shaved ice smothered in flavored syrup and floating in condensed milk.

Enjoy, but don't forget to unclog your arteries later!

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