29 Festivals in 2014 for Your Diary ...


Need a calendar of festivals in 2014?

Want to know where the best events of the year are before you plan your travels?

I’ve selected some of the best festivals in 2014 and listed them by month.

I hope you find something to taste!

1. International Kite Festival, India

International Kite Festival, India

January 19th – 22nd

One of the most eye-catching festivals in 2014 is also one of the year’s earliest.

You might not imagine that people can get so competitive in the art of kite flying.2

See what it really means at the International Kite Festival that decorates the skies of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

While the artists make their kites dance and knock out competitors to be the last one flying, you can splurge on the food stands and craft stalls.

2. Camel Wrestling Championships, Turkey

Camel Wrestling Championships, Turkey

January 19th

If you want to escape the grey winter days for sunnier climes, head to Selçuk in Turkey.

Although the Aegean Coast’s camel wrestling season runs from November through March, it is the third Sunday of January every year when the big event hits town.

Watch the creatures wrestle each other to the ground, enjoy the festivities and then head to gorgeous Ephesus Beach for some sun worshiping.

3. Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan

February 5th – 11th

At the beginning of the year, some 2014 festivals take advantage of the winter.

One of the best is the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Sapporo is in the north of Japan and has been a site for the Winter Olympics.

As well as being a major winter sports area, for 63 years it has hosted a snow festival.

The city becomes a magical winter wonderland with huge snow sculptures adorning the streets, which are illuminated at night.

4. Tapati RapaNui Festival, Easter Island

Tapati RapaNui Festival, Easter Island

February 1st – 15th

While much of the culture of Easter Island can be seen in other Polynesian lands, it is celebrated in its own unique fashion in the first couple of weeks of February every year.

It would certainly be an incredible adventure for Valentine’s Day 2014!

On the scale of a cultural Olympics, the islanders and their visitors form two clans to battle it out in events such as banana-trunk sliding, body painting, canoeing, triathlon and even storytelling.

Rio Carnival, Brazil
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