7 Extremely Useful Websites for Disabled Travelers ...

Disabled travel has been made an awful lot easier as the world has become more aware of the challenges non-able body people face in enjoying days out and vacations. Travelling for disabled people is not always the easiest thing as not everywhere has adequate facilities for disabled people despite there being a whole slew of legislation to try and ensure accessibility. The issue of disabled travel has also been made less hassle since the Internet has given us fingertip access to a mass of info. Planning and organizing disabled travel should now be as simple as for able-bodied trips. Here are 7 Extremely Useful Websites for Disabled Travelers:

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One of the hardest aspects of disabled travel is transport. Public transport is often not the most convenient method of travel as they either won’t have any facilities for disabled people or they will have facilities which are sorely inadequate. This website will provide a list of the very best vans for wheelchair users at discount prices.

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