9 Exotic Places to Run a Marathon ...


Places to run a marathon may not be your nearest city or even your own country. If you love running and spend hours upon hours training to run a marathon why shouldn’t you also dream of doing it in somewhere wonderful. Road races in your own town/city are all very well but how do you fancy having some wonderful sights whilst you’re running. There are some fabulous places to run a marathon and unless you’re a professional athlete, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a view as your little feet pound the floor is there? From the orient to the occident, here are 9 Exotic Places to Run a Marathon. On your marks... get set... go...

1. The North Pole Marathon

Well if there’s one place where you can guarantee you won’t need a long cooling down period it’s the North Pole.

Surely the coldest of places to run a marathon, participants experience temperatures of minus 30 degrees and lower as they navigate the expanse of snow and ice.

2. Marathon De Medoc

Whilst you might think a corner of rural France is a pretty standard place to run a marathon, the Medoc race is a long distance running event with a difference.

Medoc, just north of Burgundy, is a wine-growing region and participants in this marathon can stop and guzzle oysters and white wine at every mile marker.

They also hold a recovery walk the day after the marathon.

3. The Everest Marathon

Can you imagine a more incredible marathon location than the world’s highest mountain?

The race starts at Mount Everest Base Camp, 17,000 feet up the mountain and runners descend 6,000 feet to reach the finish line.

If you’re going to take part you’ll need to spend at least a month getting acclimatized in Kathmandu.

The Death Valley Marathon
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