7 Countries That Were Once Portuguese Colonies ...

Despite the extent of the Portuguese Empire, it is quite tricky to find whole countries that were once Portuguese colonies. Many former Portuguese colonies have today, been subsumed into modern day countries, with some areas having had their borders and maps redrawn a number of times throughout the last three or four centuries. Whatever their current status, as former Portuguese colonies they still retain some distinctive Portuguese culture, especially in language, religion and food. Here are 7 interesting former Portuguese colonies.

1. Angola

Becoming a Portuguese colony in 1575, Angola celebrated 35 years of independence on 11th November 2010. Angola extends over 1.2million square kilometers of southwest Africa, with an estimated population of about 18 million and the official language being Portuguese. Religious Indications are that indigenous followers’ number about 47%, while Roman Catholics are assessed at 38% and Protestants 15%. Angola is the second largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa, however, its people are amongst the poorest on the continent, with the corruption generated by the Dos Santos government considered significantly responsible. Portuguese culture and many of the traditional ceremonies have disappeared for the average populace, to be replaced by the need to survive and an almost fanatical following of football or soccer.