7 Common Reasons Why Couples Fight on Vacation ...

Unfortunately traveling can be extremely stressful, and there are actually many reasons why couples fight on vacation.

Whether you just started dating or youโ€™ve been married for over 50 years, everyone fights sometimes.

Planning a vacation is no picnic either, and everyone knows romantic getaways can often be very expensive.

But thereโ€™s hope!

Knowing the causes of problems sometimes helps people to prevent them.

So here are the main reasons why couples fight on vacation.

1. Looking at Other Women

Catching your man eyeing another woman is one of the reasons why couples fight on vacation.

On an island or a beach, there are many women dressed in bathing suits, and itโ€™s hard for your man not to stare.

Stay calm, and know that itโ€™s not that heโ€™s not attracted to you.

He just likes what he sees.

If you get jealous, remember that the reason why heโ€™s on vacation is to spend time with you.

You can also say something flirty like, "I canโ€™t wait to show you my new bikini." Heโ€™ll stop staring, and will focus his attention back on you.

Differences in What You Want to do