7 Cities in the Balkans Worth a Visit ...

The countries of southeastern Europe all have wonderful capitals but there are other super cities in the Balkans for visitors to explore and enjoy. With 11 countries crowding the Balkan Peninsula there’s plenty for every kind of holidaymaker: those who love to lie on the beach all day; those who have a passion for ancient and modern history; nature lovers and culture vultures. Another great thing about cities in the Balkans is that they are among Europe’s cheaper destinations.

1. Pula, Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful tourist destination and Pula is definitely one of the jewels in her crown. Located on the scenic Istrian Peninsula, Pula is a large city by the sea with a small town feel. The center of town is anchored by a magnificent Roman amphitheater, the largest and best preserved example outside of Italy, and there are plenty of other historical attractions to explore before heading to one of the glorious beaches that are fringed by fragrant pine groves. The protected Cape of Kamenjak on the Premantura Peninsula is another reason why Pula is one of the best cities in the Balkans to visit.