7 British Foods Named after Places ...

British foods have often been the source of fun. It has only really been since the late 70s that British cuisine was able to shrug off its very poor reputation. These days the restaurants, gastropubs and bistros can compete with anywhere in the world but whatever may be the latest fad, there are some British foods that remain steadfastedly loved by the nation. There are many British foods, possibly more than any other country of comparable size, named after places and for travellers it is almost de rigeur that when visiting these towns they should try the «real thing». Here are 7 British Foods Named After Places that every foodie should try when traveling in the UK.

1. Cheddar Cheese

Probably the most well know of cheeses across the world, Cheddar type cheese is now produced in hundreds of countries. It was actually first produced in a little village in Somerset in the South West of England. Visitors wanting to taste this British food not only get to try tasty cheese but can be awed by the village’s setting in the Cheddar Gorge, the largest gorge in England. Cheddar is a major tourist destination.