7 Best Holiday Destinations for Teens ...

You might be looking for the best holiday destinations for teens for various reasons: you might be a teenager setting out on a trip with your girlfriends; a parent fed up of your teen whining they are too old for family holidays looking for a compromise in a destination that offers something for everyone; or simply, a parent of teens who recognizes that teenagers have different stimulation and entertainment needs as they grow up. Whatever your motivation, the best holiday destinations for teens will have plenty of age-appealing entertainments and fun.

1. Barcelona, Spain

As one of the most worldly and youth-friendly Spanish cities, Barcelona is one of the best holiday destinations for teens. Whether you’re a lover of art, architecture, food, shopping or sunshine, Barcelona has got it all: a museum devoted to Picasso to Gaudí’s city-wide presence, particularly in his stunning masterpieces, the cathedral, La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell; countless cafes and cool shops of Las Ramblas; and, the picturesque beaches that line the city’s shores. Barcelona welcomes its international guests with open arms, especially students, offering free student passes to its many museums on certain weekdays.

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