7 Benefits of Long Term Travel for Kids ...

It’s a big decision to take children out of school for an extended trip, so it is good to know the benefits of long term travel for kids. Everyone can get a great deal from traveling, but as you are essentially interrupting the education process, it is crucial that the experience has some very definite and measurable upsides. Here are the most convincing benefits of long term travel for kids.

1. Experience the Global Community as an Insider, Not an Observer

One of the benefits of long term travel for kids is that it allows them to see and experience life in communities across the globe from the inside. To eat, sleep and live as the people of a country or region do allows children to grow up as fully actualized members of the global community, rather than visiting as an adult with judgmental comparisons and preconceived notions of what is “right” or “normal”. In particular, traveling kids have the opportunity to see beyond stereotypes. Many minorities are viewed through a narrow lens. Traveling kids get to see that people all over the world run the gamut of strengths and weaknesses, rather than just fitting the slots assigned to them by television or movies.