Awesome Facts about Disney World 🎠 for People Who Are Going There and Can't Wait ✈️ ...


Planning a trip 🌏 to Disney can be so much fun and there are so many hidden facts out there, it's hard to tell what is true.

If you are a true Disney fanatic and you think you know every single 1️⃣ thing there is to know about Disney World, take 🎬 a look πŸ’‡ below and then sound πŸ”Š off πŸ“΄ in the comments on πŸ”› what you didn't know!

1. Two 2️⃣ Manhattans Can Fit into Disney World

Yep, or one 1️⃣ entire San Fran.

Disney itself is about 40 square ◻️ miles, so that means it is huge!

Not enough to go through in one 1️⃣ day, keep that in mind.2

2. You Paid How Much on πŸ”˜ Opening Day?

Oh yes, did you know that $3.50 was how much people πŸ‘₯ paid for opening day β˜€οΈ of Disney World?

Nowadays, tickets run πŸ‘Ÿ all the way up πŸ‘† to a hundred, but in the beginning, it was so cheap!

Also, when did it open?

Anyone know?

October 1st, 1971.

3. Dead πŸ”« People's Ashes Are Everywhere

No, really, they are.

People πŸ‘₯ have been cremated and love πŸ’œ Disney so much that they have been spread all over.2

It's pretty gross when you think about it, but it's true!

4. It Has Only Closed πŸ”’ Four 4️⃣ Times

And one time ⌚ was recent!

It closed πŸ”’ in 1999 during Hurricane πŸŒ€ Floyd, it closed πŸ”’ during 9/11 and it closed πŸ”’ in 2002 for a power ✊ failure.

On πŸ”˜ 9/11, it only took about 30 minutes ⏰ to evacuate and close the parks.

The last time ⌚ that it closed?

In 2016 for Hurricane πŸŒ€ Matthew.

5. The Cinderella Castle 🏰 is Almost Empty

No, really, it is.

There is a restaurant, a gift πŸ’ shop πŸͺ and an apartment 🏒 that was designed specifically for Walt.2

Now, that apartment 🏒 is a hotel 🏨 room but you can barely get in there for the night 🌠 because it's always booked up.

That's it!

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