Awesome Facts about Disney World 🎠 for People Who Are Going There and Can't Wait ✈️ ...

Planning a trip 🌏 to Disney can be so much fun and there are so many hidden facts out there, it's hard to tell what is true.

If you are a true Disney fanatic and you think you know every single 1️⃣ thing there is to know about Disney World, take 🎬 a look πŸ’‡ below and then sound πŸ”Š off πŸ“΄ in the comments on πŸ”› what you didn't know!

1. Two 2️⃣ Manhattans Can Fit into Disney World

Yep, or one 1️⃣ entire San Fran.

Disney itself is about 40 square ◻️ miles, so that means it is huge!

Not enough to go through in one 1️⃣ day, keep that in mind.